Pre-Conference Assignment

Oh boy, homework! To help you get ready for the conference, we have put together this pre-conference assignment. There are several options based on your level of experience.

Please complete the items below and submit the survey by 11:59 pm (in your time zone) on Thursday, June 8.

Are you new to alternative assessments? Do each of these:

  1. Read these two things:
    1. A short overview of different flavors of alternative grading
    2. Glossary of alternative grading terms.  If you are unfamiliar with most of these terms, you might leave this one open in a browser tab for reference during the conference.
  2. Join the alternative grading Slack workspace and say hello. This is an active and welcoming forum, with separate channels for many disciplines and topics. We’ll use it throughout the conference. First set up an account using this link, then access the workspace with this link. Go to the #introductions channel, read the pinned post, and post a quick hello message. Click “+” on the left to find other channels and join a few that look relevant to you, including #higher-ed-conference which we will use during the conference.
  3. Leave a question on the Padlet.  What is one question you have about alternative grading? 
  4. Submit the brief survey.

Have you used some form of alternative assessment at least once? Do each of these:

  1. Read this two-part blog post: “Grading for Equity with Grading for Growth”
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
  2. Read “Keeping Receipts: Thoughts on Ungrading from a Black Woman Professor
  3. Join the alternative grading Slack workspace if you haven’t already (see #2 above).
  4. Check out the questions on the Padlet.  Use the upvoting feature to highlight good questions, or leave an answer if you think you have one.
  5. Submit the brief survey.