Call for Session Proposals – Closed

Would you like to see a session on a specific topic at the Grading Conference? This is your chance to propose it! Sessions may focus on any aspect of alternative grading. Examples include: nuts and bolts (e.g. managing reassessments); discipline-specific implementations (e.g. using Specifications in Chemistry); general issues such as equitable assessments; etc.

Sessions will typically be 1 hour long. Your session may be either contributed or invited.

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* Contributed session – you propose a topic for a session. Anyone who registers for the conference may propose a presentation for your session. You agree to review these abstracts, decide which presentations are accepted, create a schedule, and communicate with your speakers.

* Invited session – you propose both the topic and a suggested list of speakers. When the session is accepted, you will also contact and invite them to speak, as well as creating a schedule and communicate with the speakers.

In either case, if your session is accepted, you will need to register for the conference and also agree to moderate your session during the conference (e.g. introduce speakers, manage questions, etc.). Sessions with multiple organizers are encouraged!

To propose a session, click the button below.

Additional Details:

  • Abstract: Clearly explain the purpose of the session in three to five sentences. It may help to explain why this topic is especially timely, relevant, or useful to practitioners. This abstract will eventually be published on the conference’s web page.
  • Format: Describe the specific format of the session. For example: Traditional presentations (typically 15-20 minutes), a panel, a roundtable discussion, or something else. If you need a time block other than 60 minutes, specify that here.
  • Other details: Use this space to share anything else about your session with the organizing team that might help us.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: In what ways will your session attend to diversity, equity, and inclusion? This can include the content of the session, as well as promoting the overall diversity of conference speakers.
  • If proposing an invited session, include a list of speakers who you would like to invite. It is not necessary, but please indicate if they have already confirmed their intent to speak.
  • Sessions should not be commercial in nature. If you represent a business that might be interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact us at!